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Our Employee Onboarding Solution that is built using Power Apps and Power Automate eliminates painful and time-consuming manual steps by delivering digitally managed process that saves time and delivers world class experience to new employees.

Our experienced and award-winning team can help you achieve most complex use cases with the help of Power Apps and Power Automate.
We can help you reduce your development cost for Power Platform.
Delivering microsoft solution since 2005
Our Employee Onboarding App Automates Following Key Steps:
  • Giving a dashboard to departmental heads for assigning reporting manager.
  • Giving a dashboard to reporting manager for listing hardware, software, security and access requirements.
  • Creation of tasks for IT help desk for arranging hardware, software etc.
  • Creation of tasks for Admin for arranging for taking care of access, parking,and other support.
  • Creating new User in Azure Active Directory automatically with all details.
  • Automated intimation to new employee giving all details such as e-mail ID,temp password, Security, help desk contact, reporting manager contact, HR contact, Admin contact etc.
  • Welcome message to new employee.