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Titan Workspace for Viva Connections

Light Up your Viva Connections
Light Up your Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections is an Intranet app in Microsoft Teams that allows organizations to create unique experiences for different audiences, like information workers and frontline workers. Microsoft Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience and is designed to keep everyone engaged and informed.

Keep your employees connected, informed, and engaged

Deployment and Adoption Services by Adapt Software

Our adoption services can help you make the most of this tool and ensure a smooth adoption across your teams. Whether you are just starting out with Viva Connections or looking for ways to optimize your existing experience, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Value addition by Titan Workspace for Viva Connections

Titan Workspace is a ready-to-use Intranet within Viva Connections that delivers all the functionality for your modern Intranet. Titan Workspace is designed to make your Intranet more engaging by simplifying SharePoint and Intranet governance. Our unique administration dashboard allows users to manage your Viva Connections permissions and policies without learning SharePoint. We specialize in providing customized user experience for Viva Connections, including customized home site as per your company’s branding and communication strategy

Titan Workspace for Viva Connections

Standard Offer:

  • Custom Homesite theme for better user experience
  • Admin panel for managing Intranet policies and permissions
  • User friendly screens for content authoring and approvals
  • Better Intranet governance for higher user adoption
  • News, Announcements, Birthdays, Articles & Blogs, Media gallery, new employee announcement, Quick links, Experiences, Internal job postings, Employee directory
  • All services and support to be provided remotely

Additional paid services (optional):

  • Home site as per customer specific design
  • Additional custom features
  • Onsite trainings and consulting
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Support services