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Go-Global for Windows

Everything is possible with Go-Global

Competitive Analysis

Microsoft RDS Microsoft RDS Addon Vendors( Like Citrix / TSPlus) GO-Global
Multi-Session functionality in Windows Kernel Use Microsoft’s multi-session Kernel GO-Global’s System Extensions Driver provides a session-private sandbox for drivers and processes.
Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for Web provides remote access to Windows desktops and applications. Web clients mostly use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). GO-Global Web App provides zero-install, browser-based access to remote Windows applications using 100% GraphOn technology
Remote Desktop Protocol display driver converts Windows graphics commands to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. Use Microsoft’s display driver and protocol. GO-Global Virtual Display Driver converts Windows graphics commands to GraphOn’s RapidX Protocol (RXP).
Remote Desktop (RD) clients for endpoint devices provide remote access to Windows desktops and applications. Extend or wrap Microsoft or 3rd party clients for Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. GO-Global App for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android enables remote applications to run as if they were running locally on the client device, using 100% GraphOn technology.
RD Gateway provides secure internet connectivity for RD Clients by tunneling RDP through SSL/TLS. Replace RD Gateway with their own security wrapper for the RDP protocol and RD Clients. GO-Global uses OpenSSL to secure communication between clients and hosts.
Microsoft RDS runs on the Windows Server operating system. It require Server Operating System GO-Global Host can run on Desktop Operating System like Windows 8 & 10 as well as on Server operating System.
Microsoft’s own technology It require Microsoft RDS and Citrix licenses. Eliminates need for Microsoft RDS
It necessitates adequate bandwidth. It is less efficient in areas with limited bandwidth. It requires more bandwidth than Graphon to function properly. Functions properly even on low bandwidth
SDKs is not available in RDS for server and client software SDKs is not available Server and Client Software clients ( SDKs)
It is difficult to install, configure, and deploy in a productive environment. It requires minimum 2 hours'' time to configure, and deploy in a productive environment. It is simple and quick to configure, and deploy in a productive environment