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Go-Global for Windows

Everything is possible with Go-Global

GO-Global Features

GO-Global delivers network-based or Web-based access to Windows applications from GO-Global Hosts.

GO-Global enables practically any Windows application to be accessed from any client platform. Applications can be run on desktop computers such as Mac, Windows, or Linux, as well as on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

GO-Global integrates client drives, including hard disc and network-mapped discs. This enables users to view and save data saved on the client computer.

Session monitoring solutions enable administrators to manage the length of time that sessions can run, the length of time that sessions remain connected while inactive, and the length of time that sessions continue to run after end users disconnect.

Session shadowing enables administrators to link to end users'' sessions in order to provide training and help without requiring the user to take any action directly.

Application publishing enables command-line configuration options for applications.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires users to enter a six-digit code generated by an authenticator app on their smartphone in addition to their username and password.

Single sign-on solution that enables users to access GO-Global-published Windows application with a single click while enforcing the authentication policies desired by the company.

Administrators that use GO-Global can employ Third-Party Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software to automatically encrypt the proprietary RapidX (RXP) protocol between the client device and the GO-Global Hosts.

Generate trusted TLS certificates for GO-Global hosts to enable strong encryption and TLS security without purchasing a certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority with GO-Global’s Strong Encryption Certificate Wizard.

Users get high-performance access via GO-Global’s proprietary RXP, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Personalize Windows apps across the majority of end user devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices, by replacing standard GO-Global branding with your company''s corporate imagery, logo, and names on end user interface components (e.g., Sign In Dialog, Program Window, etc.).

By leveraging zero-installation HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, enable end users to easily execute Windows software in web browsers on any device. WEB APPLICATION FOR GO-GLOBAL

GO-Global sessions are based on the client computer''s time zone, independent of the host''s time zone selection.

End users can print to local or network printers using either Microsoft''s Windows printer drivers or GraphOn''s proprietary Universal Printer Driver.

End users can copy and paste data between local and distant applications using the Client Clipboard.

With GO-Global’s Mobile Sense Technology, Windows applications accessed from mobile devices behave and respond more like mobile apps. Administrators can also create custom toolbars to enhance the end user’s mobile experience.

Windows Compatibility Assurance allows administrators to automatically defer installation of Windows Updates until they’ve been verified as compatible with GO-Global.

Simple, easy to manage Concurrent User License Model reduces licensing costs.

GO-Global Cloud Licensing is simple to use and highly available, since it eliminates the need for license servers, product codes, and the process of redeeming, rehosting, and upgrading license files.