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Go-Global for Windows

Everything is possible with Go-Global

Go-Global for Windows FAQs

Q. What is GO-Global?
A. GO-Global is a Windows application publishing solution that delivers reliable, secure, low-cost multi-user access to Windows applications from any location, device, or operating system without using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Windows’ multi-session functionality.

Q. What are the components of Go-Global Software?
A. GO-Global for Windows consists of two parts: the GO-Global Host software and Go Global web app/App Controller. The GO-Global Host software runs on a central Windows server along with the application being published.

Q. What type of applications does GO-Global for Windows publish?
A. GO-Global for Windows publishes multi-user 32- and 64-bit apps such as Microsoft Office.

Q. How many users can connect to the host?
A. Single user license can have only one connection to the host but several sessions. In other words, you can run multiple applications with the same user id or log-on. Licensing is based on concurrent usage, so users can connect from different stations or locations but only the allotted number of licenses can be checked out.

Q. Can I publish an entire PC desktop?
A. No, GO-Global cannot publish desktop. It can only publish applications.

Q. What is the minimum ram and bandwidth requirements for the Go-Global to run?
A. GO-Global requires minimum 4GB ram on server and 16 kbps per user network bandwidth.

Q. Do I need to install or use a specific Web server to use GO-Global for Windows?
A. No, GO-Global for Windows does not require a Web server. Web server is integrated with Go-Global Host and run on 491 Port.

Q. Which Protocol and port number Go-Global use for Virtualization of applications?
A. Protocol is RXP (Rapid X protocol) and port is 491.

Q. Can we install Go-Global Host on Cloud Server like Amazon and Azure?
A. Yes, Go-Global can be installed on Cloud services.

Q. What are the security features available in Go-Global?
A. There are many security features available in Go-Global software.

  • Single Sign On
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Windows Security Features like Domain Security and Windows Security
  • DES Encryption


General FAQs

Q. How do you support Go-Global Customers in India?
A. We have a dedicated team in India that works Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. We provide remote help to customers using tools such as Team viewer/Any desk.

Q. Where can I buy Go-Global Software?
A. In India, we have dedicated Go-Global partners. We distribute Go-Global via Adapt's Go-Global partners. We also sell directly in a few scenarios.

Q. Can I try out Go-Global for Free?
A. Absolutely! GO-Global is available as a 30-day free trial, including all product features and functionality.